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Wednesday, 2017-09-20, 4:28 PM

Canadian dollar chronology

The First Nations (ca. 1600-1850)

New France (ca. 1600-1770)
The introduction of card money

British Colonies in North America: The Early Years (pre-1841)
The Halifax and York ratings
The introduction of paper money
The first bank notes
Dollars and cents or pounds, shillings, and pence?

Currency Reforms (1841-71)
Introduction of a decimal-based currency
The first government note issue
The silver nuisance and a question of copper

Operation of the gold standard
The Canadian dollar and the U.S. greenback (1862–79)

Canada off the Gold Standard: World War I
Setting the stage for a return to the gold standard

Back on the Gold Standard–Temporarily (1926-31)

The Depression Years and the Creation of the Bank of Canada (1930-39)
Establishment of a central bank

Canada under Fixed Exchange Rates: The war years (1939-45)
The revaluation of 1946
The devaluation of 1949
The unofficial exchange market
The relevance of the unofficial rate

A Floating Canadian Dollar (1950-62)
Conflict with the IMF

Return to a Fixed Exchange Rate (1962-70)

Return to a Floating Rate
The dollar in the 1970s
The dollar in the 1980s
The dollar in the 1990s
The dollar in the 21st century